Adolf Hitler Research Paper

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Livesay 1
Micahla Livesay
HST 200
What Made Hitler Who He Was; a Look into His Mind

Everything in life has a series of events that led up to an outcome. What classes you took during schooling, a group of friends, or even a tumble you had in second grade. Every event, gathering, and accident has an impact on life and where life takes each individual. Whether the event is a happy, such as wedding or finding a new favorite book, or a bad one, such as a bad break-up or suffering through abuse. The rule applies to everyone, criminals to valedictorians. These events can change who a person is, and how said person sees the world. If this rule applied to everyone, then it would not miss Adolf Hitler. The events of a person’s life help shape
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His father, Alois Sr., having been a high rank in the Imperial Customs Service demanded strict discipline in the service and in his family. Alois Sr. liked to talk a lot, and express his feelings. Unlike his son, Alois Sr. was very sexually active, was married three times, and had 2 illegitimate children. Upon his retirement for unknown health reasons, Alois Sr. felt unhappy not having a job, and would escape to the village pub, where he had died for unknown reasons. Clara, Adolf’s mother, had hoped for a better life but instead she had to put up with her bossy husband and take care of her stepchildren. Adolf’s mother was deeply depressed and burdened, still, she worked to be completely devoted to her family. Clara accepted the German principle for women, which meant she was to bear and raise the children, spend her days in the kitchen, and attend …show more content…
During the spring of 1943, Walter Langer, with the help of a few of his colleagues, was to compile a remarkably copious ‘Source Book’ and an accompanying secret report on the Führer for the OSS. Langer was influenced by some of Freud’s case studies, but it appears the one he thought was most important was Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality of 1905. Langer understood the work that each of us must struggle through out psycho-sexual development, undertaking, if we are able, the rough passage from the ‘polymorphous perversity’ of earliest infancy to the genital sexuality that was said to mark the mature person. Sexual fantasies, and indeed activity (or lack of), might help point the way into Hitler’s pathological personality. Langer had tried to come up with an idea on how Hitler’s early struggles with the oral, anal, and phallic stages would play out in his adult life of relating to self and