Adoption and Child Essay

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Adoption is a forgotten option. When most women become pregnant they feel that only have two options, have the baby or have an abortion. Adoption is often forgotten in these important moments because it is not talked about enough. “If mothers knew just how great adoption can be the rate of abortion could be drastically reduced in the United States” (Babb 250). There are many benefits of adoption for the child, birth parents, and adoptive families.

The most obvious reason adoption is great is because it brings a child into this world, as opposed to being aborted, or brought into a family who is unable to care for the child. The majority of domestic adoptions is in relation to teen pregnancy. Children having children. Teen mothers and fathers, for the most part, are not ready to raise a child when they themselves are still children. They know that they are not ready to feed, clothe, or even take care of their baby. For the expectant parents and the child adoption is the best and safest option for the mother to choose. Pregnancy is an emotional time for the birth-mother. When that mother is a teen, the emotional stress doubles due to the fact that she is so unsure if she can raise a child, or if it would be better for her child to have a family that was prepared for this life changing event in every aspect. The child deserves to be placed with a family that is stable, both financially and emotionally and is ready to devote their life to this child.

Adoption is also a chance for the birth-mother to make a difference in that child's life and the life of the adoptive parents. It gives purpose to the birth-mother's life and may redirect the path that the teen is taking. If the adoption is and open adoption, then the birth-mother is allowed to follow the life of that child and still be a part of his/her life. This type of adoption helps heal the pain and puts the birth-mother at peace knowing the sacrifice she made was the was the right choice for everyone. Not only does it give the birth-mother the feeling of peace it allows the child to grow up knowing that they were loved from the beginning.

As stated earlier, adoption is often the overlooked choice for some birth-mothers. Some times they choose abortion which gives no one the choice of a normal life. Larry Ott wrote an article about his own adoption when he was a child. He spoke of his own birth-mother's choice, the choice she made to give birth and allow him live, rather than the choice she could have made to end his life through abortion. He stated, “The theory that adopted children feel rejected is not true. I feel grateful to the woman…