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1. Request:
The learning for which I am requesting four (4) advanced level credits is equivalent to the SUNY ESC Advanced Computer Application course. My essay will cover the following computer applications: Operating Systems, a variety of Software applications, Graphic Design, Antivirus Protection, Desktop Publishing, Utilities and Database Management. In these areas, I will describe the learning experience that resulted from each.
2. Sources of the Learning:
Within the past 15 years, I have gained valuable advanced computer experience from several different sources such as, employment, professional development workshops, training programs, non-credit computer classes that I took at Houghton College, volunteer experience, and independent study related to different computer applications. I received hands on training and experience while working as an Administrative Assistant, Accounts Receivable Clerk at Levy, King and White Advertising Agency (LKW), Development Officer at Buffalo City Mission, and Executive Assistant at both Catholic Health System, BlueCross BlueShield and Office Manager at Refuge Temple of Christ (RTWS). In these environments, I have learned the following: Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows 2000-2013, Vista, MAC OS, Windows XP) Software Applications (Microsoft Office –Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Visio, Access, Outlook, Picture Manager, SharePoint, Lotus Notes), Graphic Design related applications (Adobe Photoshop, Picture Manager), Antivirus protection software related (McAfee, Norton), Financial Software Applications (Peachtree, Turbo Tax, Microsoft Money, Mint, Sage, PowerChurch,), Utilities (Microsoft: Calculator, Paint, Notepad, Media Player, Movie Maker, Encarta, NetMeeting), and Compliance 360 a policy and procedure management tool.
3. Description of the Learning:
During my hands-on experience with computers, I developed a strong foundation of computer skills that equipped me with the tools necessary to create complex documents and spreadsheets. In order for me to create a variety of different documents and files on a computer, an operating system is required. The operating systems that I have used are Microsoft Windows 2000-2013, Vista, MAC OS, and Windows XP. Operating system programs are critical to my computer as it is responsible for the computer’s security. The system allows me to create passwords on my computer to ensure that unauthorized users do not access the system. The operating system is responsible for keeping track of my files and controls the operations of my computer devices such as printers and disk drives. It is also the platform used to communicate with my computer and other programs called software applications.
I use a variety of application software to compose correspondence, create presentations, reports, and manage databases and other documents. Application software comprises of programs designed to assist the end-users with personal tasks so that they are more productive. I prefer popular programs such as those used for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and e-mail. Microsoft Office Suite is the application I commonly use as it contains a complete set of computer applications as described below:
The first application I will discuss is Microsoft Word, a word processing software that has a wide-range of writing tools. With this application, I can make changes to documents, such as adding, deleting, or relocating words, sentences, or entire paragraphs; correcting spelling and changing margins. In my role as Administrative Assistant at LKW, I produced a variety of professional documents such as letters, grant proposals, and on-screen forms. Microsoft Word allows me change the document’s theme and styles, add title pages, lists, tables and add macros. With the use of templates available within the application, I created resumes, calendars, flyers, event programs, newsletters,