Advancements in Drug Trafficking Essay

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Advancements in Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a major problem for the United States, especially trafficking from Mexico. As the years have passed, the drug traffickers have developed more clever ways to smuggle their drugs into the United States. The drug mob is now believed to have a whole fleet of submarines used to ship drugs from producing countries like Colombia to the lucrative US markets (Kaufer, 2011). This is causing severe problems for the U.S. Boarder Patrol because it is getting harder to catch the traffickers.

The advancement of drug trafficking is important because the more advanced it gets the harder it is to stop. If the board patrol is unable to stop the drug trafficking then the drugs will make it to the United States for distribution and this will just keep increasing drug related problems. The advancements have come far along and the ways used to smuggle will only get more advanced and harder to catch in the future.

Not only advancements in drug trafficking are creating problems but the increase in immigration is helping too. For drug traffickers in the Arizona region, the logic would seem to be simple: a larger number of immigrants sneaking across the border creates cover for the minority carrying drugs, making it less likely that they will be detected (Corcoran, 2012). There are many ways to smuggle drugs and they are all creating trouble for the U.S. Border Patrol.

I found that as the advancements of smuggling have come about the United States has steadily stepped up its role in fighting Mexican drug trafficking (Thompson & Mazzetti, 2011). Although it is a good thing that we are trying to prevent drug trafficking from the source, the Mexican Constitution prohibits foreign military and law enforcement agents from operation in Mexico (Thompson & Mazzetti, 2011). I feel that by breaking the Mexican Constitution like this, we could potentially turn more of the Mexican people against the United States. They could see our actions as disrespect towards their Constitution and it could potentially create more harm than good.

By breaking the Mexican Constitution, this could generate some animosity between the Mexican population and the United States. This could potentially create more enemies towards the United States and could help the drug cartel in recruitment for smuggling. If the people have the hatred for the U.S. they would be more willing to do more extreme things to