Media Rich Society

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Michael Fritz Marciano Oct 28th 2012

Living in Media-rich Society It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the influence of media in everyone’s life. As the world is globalizing, the term of media is also growing respectively. Now a days, media is considered to be one of the most vital forms of communication. The influence of media in society has increased dramatically with the development of technology. Old media such as television, radio and newspapers are the most common media. However, with the recent advent of newer media such as the Internet, it is arguable whether newer media is beneficial or detrimental to society. In recent years, the development of technology has enhanced communication through media around the world and brings advantages to society. One of the advantages of media is the fact that information spreads around the world very fast. People can find out current events that is happening across the globe simply by browsing the internet or watching news on television. Furthermore, another advantages of living in media-rich society is that the huge amount of information delivered to people. For example, just by reading a newspaper, people can find news on many fields such as sport, politics, economics and education. In addition, being surrounded by media means that people are always aware of new products that is available on the market, thus it can be clearly seen that media plays an important role in boosting businesses development which leads to economic growth. On the other hand, living in a media-rich society also has a number of negative effects and drawbacks. The most notable drawback of media is the misleading information that is spread among general public. In some occasion, wrong information is spread intentionally for some purposes. Misleading information such as a fake advertisement of a product may put people in danger since personal data of buyer might be collected by other parties. Moreover, the fact that modern media provides all kinds of information, including pornography and violence, has led people to misuse media. As most pornographic and violence material can be easily accessed on the Internet, people are more likely to get influenced to commit crimes. Aside of that, the influence of media, along with the advancement of technology may also change the habit of people. Most