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Television TW Television is one of the biggest things to be invented. It’s an Influential major factor in media and communication that’s been slowly taking over. Since the 1960’s, television has affected who is elected with campaign ads and debates shown nationally for everyone to see. Television has also made elections dirty, causing candidates to move from pursuing issues to pursuing image. Television has changed the way campaigning is done. It has had a negative impact on presidential elections. Television has become a gateway, also distorting people’s views of certain candidates. Television has been such a big “impact” that “provides a new direct and sensitive link between Washington and the people.”(Source A) A link so sensitive that if not cared for could be exploited. Just like in (Source B) when Bill Clinton was demeaned by being forced to discuss his preference of underwear. This would be viewed as inappropriate to the audience, Americans, voters, followers, just by being on television in this position. Inappropriateness and the un-classy situation doesn’t bring anything positive to the President’s attention. Although television ahs added to the fairness of elections by getting from equal chances of exposure it has in a bigger picture changed the priorities of the candidates in the race. Kennedy’s “victories in the debates” were because of “a triumph of image over content. Debate watchers thought Kennedy had won the debate against Nixon and it had been a blow out. (Source C) Kennedy used the “distorting effects of television” in his favor. He used television to boost his self-image. The bigger picture should be the well-being of his/her fellow Americans, but it has been distorted to self-image by the power of television. In (Source B) Clinton tried to…