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Positive And Negative Messages In Advertising

Advertising is seen every way you turn. You can’t go on the Internet without seen and advertisement or watch television. Advertising help companies promote themselves or get information across to an audience. Advertising has been around since companies have tried to advertise their companies. December 2008 a series of experiments by Cassie Theriault, Jennifer Aaker and Ginger Pennington was set in motion to see how people react to the advertisement. They found out the participants were attracted to products with positive outcomes when there was no time pressure. This mean when you see an advertisement it didn’t say sale end at a certain time. This helps them remember the product and gives them time to make money for the product. The researchers found that participants in a Europe trip survey were will to play $178 more dollars when planning a last minute trip. Researchers found out that if it was advertised positively or prevent something negative the products sold more. The research is explained very clear. They have examples of money and who conducted the experiment. The articles relates to everyone. Since advertising is everywhere it applies to everyone. The importance of this article is to let people know the positives and negatives of advertisements. If you don’t know the positive and negatives you might be sucked into something you don’t want to buy. The author could improve this