How the internet changed advertising Essay

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Advertising and the many forms it varies in today have been around since the beginning of sales. Advertising went from formal conversations to spreading the word to now being recognized worldwide with the Internet and even leading into many ways to make money with just online ads. Advertising is a form of the producing advertisements for products to gain recognition and sales. Advertising may come in variety of different ways, using Television, Radio broadcasting, the Internet, and even the traditional magazine. Over the years Advertising has made a big improvement from the traditional magazines, television, and radio stations used to spread the words of certain products being sold. For example Coca-Cola the beverage company has become a big company with the great and powerful use of advertising. Starting in the early 1800’s Coca-Cola started with their advertising with a simple poster type ad. Although it was not as effective as modern advertising, this really helped Coca-Cola become the longest lasting brand. Advertising involves producing advertisements for products to gain recognition from the viewer’s coming across it. The old traditional way of advertising still works fairly well but not as effective as the Internet’s effective ways of targeting certain age groups or a specific group of customers that may be interested in the product (Rosehill).
Advertising became really popular because of its big advantages. It informs people on products, companies, utilities, prices, and helps in making a better decision for a purchase. It is also a very helpful and effective method to be used for medical uses. For example this may help spread the word and educate the young of diseases and other health risks. Ads may attract a huge number of potential customers for stores, or sellers as well as they create a visual picture for a product whenever the product may be promoted in another form. As a bonus this provides seller with more feedback from customers and thus benefits both seller and buyers with possible improvements for products. These are a few ways Advertising may help companies or independent sellers succeed. In the meanwhile that Advertising was being very popular and effective it did have its disadvantages. High costs for the publishing of the Ad may leave the company with a gamble not knowing if it will be effective enough to reimburse their loss of money. Constant maintenance has become a problem as well, having to update the Advertisement after a few months so it can attract more customers with a more effective Ad will cause a problem for some companies.
Advertising dates back to the 1400s in the eastern countries. It began being used by churches; they used it to emphasize their religion more than others. An example was the Catholic Church who exaggerated heaven to attract the newcomers looking for a good church or religion to come to. From the 1400s all the way up to the 1900s and 2000s advertising has been a very effective and efficient way to get more business and get the word out about your business. During this time period Television becomes dominant compared to the traditional magazine or radio. Television would offer few second short commercial to advertise their products within a TV show so everyone watching TV was being exposed to the Ads. A newcomer called “Internet” became developed in 1967. The Internet was a form of getting any source of information by simply getting on a computer and searching for it like a library. In 1994 the Internet became more completed, it was starting to develop search engines such as

For example TV networks like ESPN offered other companies a few seconds of a commercial on the commercial breaks on their TV network, and website so this way popular TV networks like ESPN can make a company become very well known.
Once the internet became fully functional and started to introduce “Email”, which is short for electronic mail. This introduced Advertising on the internet