Advocacy for Diverse Clientele Essay

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Advocacy for Diverse ClienteleName Capella University Advocacy for Diverse ClienteleOne of the populations that has a lot of culturally diverse individuals is the military and veterans. In veterans there is a lot of cultural diversity with individuals ranging in backgrounds from all over including African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and Caucasian-Americans. Veterans suffer from a wide range of mental illnesses including depression, PTSD, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse. PTSD is one of the most common mental health problems that veterans face after returning from war. According to Loo (1994), individuals that are ethnic minority veterans tend to have higher rates of PTSD than white veteran counterparts. PTSD can …show more content…
In seeking services veterans can have family, individual, or group sessions in order to work on issues they may have. According to Dickens, Handa, Litz, and Vogt (2010), three strategies commonly used are coordination and collaborative approaches, family counselling approaches, and at-risk population approaches. In the coordination and collaborative approach the veteran’s health care personnel such as primary doctor works with the counselors, psychiatrists, and any other medical health personnel to coordinate health services and collaborate on anything that needs to be done for the veteran. In the family counselling the veteran and their spouse or family seek care together in order to show support and work through problems that may arise within the family structure. In the at-risk populations individuals listed as at-risk include individuals that have seen combat and are thus placed into counseling upon return from war situations.
Three Community Resources
There are several resources available to veterans depending on needs and locations. Veterans can use the VA website in order to find resources for different things such as mental health help, jobs, or even homelessness. In more localized resources the Mississippi Department of Employment has resources to assist in veteran issues, as well as veterans are able to visit VA locations in Mississippi for resources and help in person. Aside from the