Samsung Marketing Report Essay

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I. Positioning Statement
Samsung embodies style and technology for the young professional, with its cutting edge design and superior connectivity features.
Samsung's positioning statement is one that asserts its differentiation vis-à-vis other mobile phone providers. In the local market where myriad choices abound, Samsung's sleek exterior design, accompanied by its selection of soft and hard features, render it an optimal purchase for the young, technologically updated professional.
II. SWOT based on primary and secondary research

 Strong global presence
 Diversified product line
 Technology
 Design Weaknesses

 Customer perception of weak product attributes like Durability
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On the physical aspect, Samsung has smoother curves on the edges compared with Motorola, however, not many are aware of this distinctive feature. Samsung can be more aggressive in terms of marketing the slimness of their units as well as the wireless capabilities. In addition, Samsung can differentiate by niching on the Wi-Fi market as there is currently no brand that can claim market leadership in this category. On the lower end segment, Samsung can push their products by marketing its mobile phones as entertainment gadgets with the opportunity for membership in the Samsung ‘in' club .
a. New or extension
It is recommended that new product lines be added in order to directly address the needs of the primary and secondary market. Creating a series of cellular phones that exemplify style, individuality, technology and professionalism is necessary in order to drive the sales of Samsung cellular phones. By adding the two new segments/series: Executive Series and Entertainment Series, higher retention and value addition will be ascertained.
Executive Series (For the Primary Target Market):
The executive series will be equipped with features suitable for professionals, such as Internet, Bluetooth/Infrared, WAP, MS-Office Functions and Synchronization with computing / networking devices. This series is aimed at providing executives the power of