Affirmative Action Plan

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Many employment laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, relate to federal contractors (“Federal contractors”, n.d.). In addition, there are a number of federal laws that apply only to federal contractors. (“Federal contractors”, n.d.).
This paper will discuss EEO compliance requirements impacting federal contractors. Secondly, it will discuss the important components of an affirmative action plan and expand on how goals should relate to an organization’s strategic human resources plan. Lastly, it will provide a summary.
A federal contractor is someone undertaking business with the federal government. Conducting business with the government is rewarding and lucrative as long
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A good place to post is in an area where employees can take breaks. The plastic company must state in all solicitations or advertisements for employment that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The Standard Form 100, Employer Identification Report (EEO-1 Report) requires that employers report on the number of employees by race, ethnicity and gender for each of nine job categories. These laws prohibit discrimination and require affirmative action by federal contractors (FCCM, …show more content…
By responding to the requests of the federal government, private sector companies are often times called on to prepare and maintain federal affirmative action plans when they would otherwise no requirement would exist to do so (Felsberg, 2005) . The rule is that a company must maintain a separate affirmative action plan for each facility of 50 or more employees (Felsberg, 2005 p.103). Even before the contractor drafts an affirmative action plan, the company's leadership publishes its commitment to equal opportunity (Felsberg, 2005 p.103). The plastic company’s goal is to provide individuals such as women and minorities an opportunity at equal employment and representation through positive, results-oriented practices that purposely take race and gender into account. The company recognizes deficiency of clear cut affirmative action programs make it almost impossible for race and gender fairness and representation