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Africa DBQ Karsen Owens
Mr. Asato World History 9-D September 19, 2014 Underestimating the Complexity of African Culture and Intelligence
Before the time of european arrival, Africans developed complex ways of travel and trade throughout the continent and surrounding waterways and the surrounding countries. African countries were wealthy, held strong empires, and were the center of many different trade routes and education such as Kilwa, Timbuktu, and Aksum. European missionaries and settlers truly underestimate the intelligence of the people of Africa. Before their arrival, Africans were just as developed as the Europeans. In places such as Ghana, Arab and Wangara traders
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Between year 325 and year 360, the city of Aksum was the international trading center. The location helped the city thrive for 35 years as the basis of land, water travel and trade. Over 1700 years ago Africas developed intricate trading routes that have only grown stronger, by year 1331 the waterway trade moved to South Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean. At this time Kilwa was the controller of overseas trade through Egypt, Arabia, and India. From the European point of view; Africans were tribal savages. European missionaries and settlers did not observe the complex trade system and routes that Africa and the surrounding countries were able to develop. Missionaries underestimate the intelligence and complexity of the African society at the time of their …show more content…
During the gold-salt trade through Ghana, Ghana became a very popular country because it was in between Wangara wanting salt and the Arab traders who were wanting gold. Ghana was in the center of trade and also a complex empire, it was one of the most powerful nations of that time. The empire consisted from good trade, wealth, food, income, taxes, political control, organized social groups, foreign policy, and a strong army that kept the area safe and contained. Peace was an important factor between all the empires and countries, Ghana was safe and “A foreign policy that led to peace and cooperation with other people” (Document 3). Just like Mali, in 1352, there is good strong security and no one needs to fear robbers nor crime. Both the countries were able to sustain through many years of being the centers for trade and