African American Informative Speech

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In this audience analysis, I have addressed a situation in this topic is a day to day basis that even happen for years. Culture indifferences, Procter and Gamble: The Talk is a good example of cultural indifference. I will explain how this certain commercial is a big communication to audiences all over the world. With these following questions: What is racism like before and now? How does it affect our daily lives and people around it? and What is seen across the world with racism?
The Black is Beautiful: The Talk, Procter, and Gamble commercial are different scenes of African American parents openly telling their kids the harsh truth of biased will be experienced in their lifetime no matter what they do. The characteristics of the audiences that it must consider when addressing the audience are the Black is Beautiful Campaign and the Black Matter campaign. They are the law, regular citizens, and
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Racism has been an issue for African Americans since the early days of slavery. With everywhere they go they with have a high risk of the possibility of being treated differently because of the way the look and the color of their the past fifty years, racism is stilled a big problem today to African Americans. This has been a serious topic that been happening and talked about for years and years to come.
The main issues of racism, while it is a social discrimination stilled today has begun to affect the economy and credibly of America’s legal system. Africans American are often stereotyped with everything illegal- drug, murder, possession of weapons, robbery, etc. Like African American youths are likely to be arrested for drug possession are 48 times more likely to wind up in prison than white youth arrested for the same crime under the same law. So many people are stilled unaware that this is stilled a big issue with everybody not being treated like a regular