African American Museum Essay

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I firmly believe that the point of visiting a museum is to educate one on how things once were in the past through its display of artifacts, exhibits, art, cultural objects, etc. Its purpose is to let you imagine what it was like during a time you were not apart of or, in some cases, allow you to look back at a time you were apart of when you were very young. The African-American Museum of Long Island did a great job at presenting some of the many African-American contributions to society. In addition to presenting contributions from the African-American community, the museum was able to show us some of the struggle they were required to overcome as well. My favorite possession of the museum was Scott Joplin’s piano. Scott Joplin was …show more content…
This was a painting of an open door from a slave ship when they arrived in America. The door led to the fate of the African-Americans which was the harsh conditions and treatment they were about to endure on the cotton plantations. In addition, there was another painting right next to “The Door of No Return” that showed how the African-American slaves were packed into the slave ships. They literally would have had more room in a coffin than they did on the slave ships. This was the reason why so many African-Americans died on the ships because of disease. I really felt that I learned a lot at my trip to the African-American museum. I enjoyed my time there a lot because my tour-guide was extremely informational and my brother and I were able to interact freely with her. I was able to see some artwork and other cultural displays that I thoroughly enjoyed. The people who worked there were very friendly and spoke to us about our African-American classes we are currently taking. I am happy I had the opportunity to visit this