Aggression and Children Essay

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Bronda Williams
ECE313: Collaboration with Parents & Community Instructor: Laura Prout

When they are told to share their toys children may be triggered and then gets frustrated. They may also get frustrated due to the fact that they have to study rather than play. If they are not being attended to children may show aggressive acts. The teacher may be busy attending to other children and that may cause the other child to have lack of attention which leads to hitting, biting and hurting other children. When their play territory is occupied by other children or when other children try to join them in their play corners children may tend to get aggressive. It is the teacher’s role to find strategies on how to overcome such behavior when a child is behaving aggressively towards the other children in class. Discuss the appropriate and inappropriate behavior with the children one of the ways to overcome aggressive behavior in class. Teacher can also explain the consequences of their actions during the class. For example, the other children in the class may be afraid and do not want to play with the children who are aggressive as they do not want to get hurt. Besides, the teacher can teach the children about empathy.
Some children actually calm down much more quickly when given the chance to be by themselves in a safe, quiet place. It is an important strategy to help children learn to calm themselves and regain control a critical life skill. Have a place in the class that you call a safe, quiet space as a kind of cozy corner. Have some pillows, stuffed animals, books and small, safe toys. Have children to help you design it with you. The more they feels they has a role in it, the more likely they will accept using it. When children does pull them self together, it is very important that you acknowledge this big step by telling them what a good job they did calming them self-down. I would implement a system for all of the parents about bad behavior. Have a board or handout for them to take home with the consequences of their child’s behavior. Maybe the first consequence is a verbal warning. Then maybe they will be put in a time out chair. Then a parent meeting. And lastly suspension from the daycare for a few days. (Manderino, M., & Wickens, C. (2014). This will show the parents you take this seriously and will also show the other parents you are responsible and take action. After these steps are shown to all the parents, you can implement these steps on the bad child and his parents. Maybe this will make his parents realize you’re serious and they can have a talk with him. Any change that a teacher attempts to implement comes with obstacles. However, if the teacher work hard with parents before