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Ain’t I Fallible People in this world often categorize others without thinking about it and this is something that is not only inconsiderate, but dangerous as well. There are those in this life that are held to a standard of greatness which is not to say that that recognition is incorrect or unappreciated, but that there are some damaging truths that accompany it. When held to a standard like this, one feels that there is little room for failure because woe to the one who is deemed fit to be admired and ruins it with an act of failure. But I argue my friends that those who are admired do not present themselves for the sole purpose of being recognized but rather to express what they love to do. To take this innocent thing and distort it into something that labels and confines the artist into a space of perfection is unnecessary. I too, am only human. The fact that I recite extraordinary poetry that displays the gifts that the hands of God so carefully placed in me doesn’t automatically exclude me from the failures of human life. I suppose that if anything it makes me more vulnerable.
Now, there are those who conclude that because I chose to express myself in that certain way and with that certain attitude it is only right that the crown of perfection be fitted snuggly on my perfectly shaped head. As they shop for the right size and color of my crown they whisper quietly and point fingers announcing that my steps must be effortless and my life