Airport Design Essay

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There was a public hearing that provide an opportunity for public and agency comment concerning the potential environmental effects of the Near Term Improvements identified in the Draft Environmental Assessment. To accommodate air service demand (forecast growth through 2015) while improving levels of service, airport safety and security, and enhancing airport access. The following are the environmental consequence associated with the airport proposed plan • Noise
• Compatible Land Use
• Secondary (Induced) Impacts
• Air Quality
• Water Quality
• Wetlands
• Floodplains
• Coastal Resources
• Fish, Wildlife, and Plants
• Historic, Archaeological, Architectural, and Cultural Resources
• Light Emissions and Visual Impacts
• Natural Resources and Energy Supply
• Hazardous Materials, Pollution Prevention, and Solid Waste
• Construction Impacts
• Cumulative Impacts

The environmental findings for potentially affected categories are examined during the plan
Noise –The Proposed Action is not expected to significantly increase noise levels when compared to the No Action Alternative.
Land Use –The Proposed Action is compatible with the existing terminal building, ground transportation, and air support facilities already on the project site. Under the No Action alternative, there would be no changes to the existing displaced threshold, associated lights, or navigational equipment.
Secondary (Induced) Impacts - The Proposed Action and No Action alternatives were evaluated for the potential to result in the relocation of residences and businesses as well as the potential to alter surface transportation patterns, divide established communities, disrupt orderly planned development, or create an appreciable change in employment.

Air Quality - The Proposed Action will not cause or contribute to a new violation nor increase the frequency or severity of any air quality standard.
Coastal Resources –The Proposed Action is consistent with the planning and land use policies adopted by the State to protect coastal resources.
Light Emissions and Visual Impacts –Appropriate lighting components have been added to the Proposed Action to reduce the impact of intrusive lighting, no significant visual or aesthetic