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Interview with Al Capone

What is your name?
My name is Alphonse Gabriel Capone, but you can call me Al for short.
When were you born and where?
I was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York to Gabriele Capone and Teresine Raiola.
How many siblings do you have? If you have any.
I have eight siblings. Six of my siblings are my brothers and the other two are my sisters. Their names are James, Raffaele, Salvatore, John, Albert, Matthew, Rose, and Mafalda.
Where did you go to school and when?
I went to Union Catholic High School. I unfortunately was not able to graduate since I got expelled from school at the age of 14 for hitting a female teacher in the face. I did not think I was doing anything wrong since she was asking for it.
What did you do after school?
Since I was not able to finish school due to some complications, I ended up working some odd end jobs, which included working at a candy store and a bowling alley in Brooklyn, New York.
Who influenced you to be a gangster?
My boy Johnny Torrio
What are a few gangs that you got involved with?
Junior Forty Thieves. Bowery Boys, Brooklyn Rippers, and Five Points Gang were a few gangs that I was in.
How did you get the nickname “Scareface”?
I accidentally insulted a woman. It was a simple mistake that I did not intend to make. The result of doing so, that woman’s brother attacked me, leaving me with three slashes on the left side of my face.
When did you get married and to whom?
I got married on December 30th, 1918 to a lovely woman names Mae Josephine Coughlin. Since I was under the age of 21, I had to have consent from my parents to marry her.
Do you have any children?
My wife had given birth to our first son, Albert Francis Capone, earlier in the month of December.
Who did The Torrio-Capone organization and the Sicilian-American Genna crime family compete with?
The North Side Gang of Dean O'Banion
What happened in May of 1924?
Well, O'Banion discovered that their Sieben Brewery was going to be raided by federal agents and sold his share to Torrio. After the raid, both O'Banion and Torrio were arrested.
How was Torrio's business turned over to you?
Torrio ended up being attacked by the North Side Gang, therefore, he gave me his business and he then returned to Italy right after.
What happened with the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre?
Everyone thought that I was the one who ordered the massacre. It's said that there is a big dispute on if I was involved in the massacre or not. But the thing is, no on was brought to trial for this. Through this massacre, it was thought that it was considered a “strike back” towards Bugs Moran's North Side Gang from the Outfit's. The Outfit's succeeded in hijacking booze trucks, assassinating two presidents of the Outfit-controlled Unione Siciliana, and made three assassination attempts on one of my enforcers, Jack McGurn.
What happened in 1929 with the Bureau of Prohibition?
Well, a lovely person named agent Eliot Ness decided to conduct an investigation involving my business and I. He was trying to convict me for Prohibition violations. Someone named Frank J. Wilson investigated my income tax violations and the government decided that this was enough for a conviction. I was convicted for income tax evasion and various violations of the Volstead Act. I was found guilty with five counts of tax evasion and failing to file tax returns. I was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
Where did you go for prison?
I was sent to the Atlanta U.S Penitentiary in 1932 and there I was able to have special privileges. Not too long after that, I was sent off to…