Alamo Essay Thesis

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The Alamo was built as a mission in 1718. After a while, Indians and Mexicans that converted to Christianity began to live there, and over the next century, the Alamo became the home of Spanish and American Armies.

The Texians lead an army into San Antonio to take control of the Alamo and were successful in defeating the Mexican army. The Alamo was controlled by the Texians, and the battle was known as the Texas Revolution. They were lead by two men named Jim Bowie and Lieutenant Colonel William Travis. Davie Crochet, a frontiersman and former Congressman from Tennessee, and his men, were also defending. The other Texians were also frontiersman, criminals, and men who wanted to escape the law.

In 1836 General Santa Anna lead a massive army of thousands of Mexicans into San Antonio where the Texians were located, and the Texians were caught by surprise. The Texians and some civilians of San Antonio retreated back to the Alamo to protect it. Santa Anna soon after attacked the Alamo and the Texians, an army of 200 men, for 13 days. After the battle was over, every man had lost their life defending the Alamo. Sam Houston was forming an army to come to the aid of the Texians
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He found out where Sam Houston and his army was, so Santa Anna split his army into several groups to surround the Texian army. However, Sam Houston retreated until the Mexican army was exhausted, and when he found the perfect opportunity, he attacked. The Texian army defeated the Mexican Army within 18 minutes. During the defeat, Santa Anna was captured, and he had signed over all Mexican rights to Texas so he could save his own life.

People to this day remember the Alamo. They remember the men who gave their own lives for something they believed in. It was a place where the men gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Nine years after the defeat of Santa Anna’s army Texas became the 28th state of