Alcoa's Case Essay

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Alcoa’s Case Study 2
1. How would you classify Alcoa’s ethical climate? Which ethical criterion, as shown in figure 5.1., was used by the company: egoism (self-centered), benevolence (concern for others) or principles (integrity approach)? Or, using Professor Paine’s two distinct ethics approaches, as discussed in this chapter, was Alcoa’s approach more compliance or integrity?
Alcoa since its inception had a very strong values and the people itself enforce these values, all the employees knew clearly that all the decisions should be done according to the Alcoa’s Core standards. Since my point of view the corporate culture sets the ethical work climate of the firm as principle (integrity approach) because Alcoa expected personal morality
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The company considered the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act with all of the basic elements included.

Because the company's management firmly believed that no employee should be forced to work in an environment where their safety and the safety of other employees might be jeopardized. Alcoa's management supported the ethical principle that no employees should leave work in a worse condition than they arrived.Once the change toward safety at work became " the way we do things around here" and was embedded in the Alcoa culture, the process used to achieve this culture could be duplicated throughout Alcoa's value chain. If O'Neil did not terminate the manager for his lack of reporting accidents. The value can not go through the whole company, it will ultimately harm the climate of O'Neil.and Nobody will take care of the principle. The company would be far away from its ideal goal of perfection.

4. Can Alcoa's "values in practice" be adopted by other organizations as a universal set of ethical standards leading to ethical employee behavior?
Measures that Alcoa implemented were crucial to setting a standard for universal ethical codes and enhanced the ability of each employee to act in an ethical way. Furthermore, by employees complying with polices and procedures set by Alcoa, this created an environment