Alcohol During Pregnancy Research Paper

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Alcohol during Pregnancy

I’m going to be talking about the dangers and effects on consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol she risks giving birth to a child who will pay the price in mental and physical deficiencies for the rest of their life. Alcohol is the leading know to preventable cause of developmental and physical birth defects in the United States. This harm the babies when they are being developed inside the mother’s womb and because of this, babies can have many defects when they are born. The way that it happens is when the mother consumes the alcohol it travels from her blood to the babies blood, tissue and organs. And they can be easily damaged because there not fully developed which can lead to lifelong damage.
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It’s estimated that each year in the United States, 1 out of 750 infants are born with problems caused by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. While another 40,000 are born with fetal alcohol effects. Babies with FAS may also have abnormally small heads and brains, as well as heart, spine, and other anatomical defects. The symptoms of FAS are behavior and attention problems, heart defects, change in the shape of the face, poor growth before and after birth, poor muscle tone and problems with movement and balance, problem with thinking and speech also they have hard time learning. These problems are lifelong and there can also be other complications like cerebral palsy, also there’s a high chance the baby will be born premature or have either a miscarriage or