Alcoholic Beverage and High Risk Behaviour Essay

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Risky Business * Task 1) Identify 5 risks associated with alcohol. 1. Drink driving 2. Blacking out and not remembering what you did. 3. Passing out in an unfamiliar/dangerous place. 4. Your inhibitions are higher which results in embarrassing or dangerous behaviour. 5. Getting into a fight or suffering a sexual assault.
Task 1) One protective strategy for each risk. 1. Assign a designated driver. 2. Control the amount of drinks you have. 3. Always stay with someone, don’t stray from the group. 4. Bring a friend that you know can talk you out of doing embarrassing/dangerous things. 5. Drink only what your body can handle, don’t over do it because you’re with your mates
Task 2a) THREE specific health services. 1. Ambulance. 2. Police 3. Alcoholics anonymous.
Task 2b) identify where and how the service can be assessed. 1. An ambulance can be called if your friend has been in a fight, or you yourself has been in a fight. 2. Police can be called if you have discovered that your friend has wondered off under the influence and you cannot find them. 3. Alcoholics anonymous is really a last resort. You should get in contact with A.A if you are your friend has a serious alcohol problem/addiction.
Task 2c) Why would each health service benefit a young person engaged in high risk behaviour. 1. An ambulance would benefit a young person engaged in high risk behaviour because if anything happens an ambulance can…