Red Bull Marketing Research Essay

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Executive Summary This report was written to assess the company Red Bull and their energy drink Red Bull Energy Drink, in a manner in which the market/industry, environment, competitors, customers, and the brand were all analysed by using secondary research. A SWOT analysis was also conducted. Through this research and analysing, it was found that Red Bull is the dominating leader in the energy drink market and sells the most units of its product worldwide. However the company does have close competitors in Monster Energy Drink and Rock star Energy Drink. Although Red Bull has massive internal strengths in being leader in the market share and sponsorship of events, it also has weaknesses in lack of innovation and diversity. Their …show more content…
With Redbull having the best year since the beginning of the company in 1987


2.4 Estimate next year’s growth rate?
With 2012 increasing its sales by 12.8% from 2011, the growth of 2012 should be around 12-13.5% increase of sales. Selling more than 5 billion cans of Red Bull in 2012 the Red bull company has increase its turnover by more than 15% having earned 5 billion dollars AU, the beverage has been targeting Western Europe and the US for growth while also expanding in Brazil, Japan, India, and China.
2.5 Explain if it is an attractive market to be in.
Red Bulls is a part of a growing non-alcoholic beverage market, which according to D&B’s First Research analysts generates $300 billion globally each year. Red Bull sold over 5 billion cans in 2012 and which shows that it is a very attractive market to be apart in as it is growing very fast.
2.6 Indicate the competitive nature of the market
Red bull energy drink has three main competitors over the entire market, that’s Monster Energy Drinks and Rockstar energy drinks. The energy drink market very competive because their are so many new energy drinks being established such as Mother energy drinks and being successful but also energy drinks that fail because they don’t get the promotion because of these big successful energy drink companies like Red Bull and Monster. The key