Alex: Genetically Modified Organism Essay

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3503 Greenway Drive
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February 26, 2013

Ms. Calbert
Lakeside High School
533 Blue Ridge Drive
Evans, GA 30809

Dear Ms. Calbert:

My current working title, “The Healthy Way to Go,” is what I'm hoping the final name of my title to be. As you can see by my title, I am going to be writing about being healthy. But specifically, I'm doing the organic vs. genetically modified food topic. In my research of this subject, I hope to find out more about the differences between organic food versus genetically altered food. I would also like to convey that people play a really big part in how healthy they can be. I'd also like to pose a few questions that I have regarding my topic. How is food genetically altered? Is genetically altered food bad for us? If so, why is organic better? After doing some research, I hope to find that most food made today is full of preservatives, chemicals, and many other things put into them that make them bad for us to eat. Therefore proving that the consumption of organics is ideal for the overall health of humans and our planet.

My experience and interest in this topic is what has led me to pick this topic. About a year ago, my father heard a radio host talk about a documentary named Forks Over Knives, and he ordered it on Netflix. Our family watched it, and since then we have been organic vegetarians ( sort of). During the course of the year, my family and I have constantly been reading up on healthy foods, such as organic foods and products, food recipes, and organic meats. We have talked about it to family, and some have switched too. So all of these things have led me to pick this topic so that maybe I can help other people understand the many bad choices that they are making. Most people don't even know about the bad choices they make, and would be shocked if they heard them. I believe that this topic is worth researching because it is a topic about my health and quality of life. I can never stop learning about how to stay healthy, and there is just so much more that I can learn about eating organic food. And it will serve as a constant reminder as to why my family and I started eating organic food instead of the genetically