Dna and genetically Modified Organism Essay

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Alex Cousin
Mrs. Haller
April 26th, 2013

Analyzing the Risks and Benefits of GMOs
What are the issues related to the use of genetically modified organisms, and do the benefits outweigh the possible risks?
Initiate and Plan:
My genetically modified organism is cows. Scientists are trying to genetically modify them to produce non-allergic milk for babies so that mothers who don’t want to breast feed don’t have too.
Perform and Record:
What type of genetic modification have scientists made to the organism? Does this modification involve inserting a gene from another organism, to produce a transgenic organism? * There are two processes; the first one is the scientists used a process called RNA interference that reduces the activity of certain genes without eliminating it completely. This modification does not include any other gene from other organism. The second process is called homologous recombination it could theoretically knock-out rather than suppress it, the gene that produces BLG (beta-lacto globulin).
What government regulatory bodies are involved in reviewing the research, development, and use of the organism? * The government of New Zealand and the National Academy of Science look over all of the research made by the scientists.
At what stage of research and development is the genetic engineering of the organism and its application? Is research still in a preliminary stage? Has research and development received some kind of government approval? Has the organism or its products received government approval for commercial use? * Yes, because there still working on it.
Who stands to benefit the most from the application(s)? * The people to benefit the most from these applications would be the mother and baby and the company producing this milk will also benefit from it.
What is the most significant benefit? * Mothers who don’t want to breast feed can purchase this cow milk to feed