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Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family consisted of him, his two brothers, his mother and his father. His mother was hard of hearing and his father was a professor of the physiology of speech. His two brothers both died of tuberculosis before they turned 30. In his early years Alexander’s full name was just “Alexander Bell” but on his 11th birthday his father allowed him to adopt the middle name “Graham”, thus he now is more commonly known as Alexander Graham Bell. As with his brothers before their passing, Alexander received an extensive schooling from his father. Then later spent one year at a private school, two years at Edinburgh's Royal High School, from which he graduated at 14, then only attended a few lectures at Edinburgh University and then enrolled at the University College in London before moving with his family to Canada. Then soon after, moved to the United States where he continued his study of speech. To begin with Bell was very curious about the deaf community and wanted to learn more about them so Bell taught using a universal language that his father developed and bell built upon called “Visual Speech” and then soon after opened schools for the deaf based off this new teaching method. He first went back to London and taught at a deaf school, then he returned to the States where he opened “Boston School for Deaf Mutes”, the Clarke School for the Deaf”, and taught at the “American Asylum for the