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Alexander the Great was born in the Pella region of Macedonia on July 20, 356 B.C.. And he died at the young age of 32 in 323 BC having accomplished much in his short life. He reigned as king from 336-323 BC. His father King Philip II of Macedon and Queen Olympia. The young prince and his sister were raised in Pella's royal court. Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia. His childhood was like any other kid in Athens, Alexander stars taking classes with a tutor at his houses, that helped him a lot. He learned mathematics, reading, writing, and how to play the lyre. He also would have been instructed on how to fight, ride a horse, and hunt. When Alexander turned 13 years old , his father Philip II wanted the best teacher possible for him. He hired the great philosopher Aristotle. In return for tutoring his son, Philip agreed to restore Aristotle's home town of Stageira.
Alexander finish school at Meiza in 340 B.C. A year later. He became one of the greatest military geniuses soldier and embarked on his first military expedition, against the Thracian tribes. In 338, Alexander took charge of the Companion Cavalry and aided his father in defeating the Athenian and Theban armies at Chaeronea. After securing the throne and getting all of Greece under his control, Alexander turned east to conquer more of the civilized world. He moved swiftly using his military genius to win battle after battle conquering many peoples and rapidly expanding the Greek empire. Philip married Cleopatra Eurydice, niece of General Attalus.
His father King Philip II was murdered at the hands of Pausanias. In the wake of his father's death, was determined to seize the throne by any means necessary. He quickly garnered the support of the Macedonian army, including the general and troops . Alexander became king, he allowed every culture he conquered the opportunity to rule themselves. All he asked was that they be loyal to Alexander. He taught all the people he conquered about the ancient Greeks - he shared their stories, their myths, their gods, their language - just as he had been taught.

A spirit of PanHellenic ruled the first stages of Alexander's career. A united Greece free of petty wars would bring to the barbarian worlds the Hellenic culture. Alexander would correct the ills Persia had created for Greece and remove Persian intervention in Grek affairs. Although he became a PanHellenic leader.

In asia the King of Persia, had become aware of Parmenion's presence of Alexander's future plans. The king wants to pay Greek states to revolt, but only Sparta accepted the gold. It was a rumor that Alexander was dead, Demosthenes prodded the Athenian assembly to unilaterally consider the Corinthian League defunct and Athens independent. Alexander dint die and besieged Thebes. Alexander waged war against the rebellious members but still attempted to negotiate peace. When Thebes rejected Alexander's demands, he leveled the city, killed the soldiers, and sold the women and children into slavery, sparing only the temples and the house of the poet Pindar. Alexander destroyed the city to warn others of the price of rebellion. Alexander adopts the ceremonial dress and court rituals