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Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.
Making a Difference at the Arlandria Health Center OUR MISSION
ANHSI, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, manages the Arlandria Health Center to provide accessible, coordinated, community based primary health care, including behavioral health and oral health, to people in Alexandria and surrounding communities.

• 12,998 individuals received services • 42,938 health care visits were held • 2,658 unduplicated children, ages 0 to 19, were served through 8,670 visits • 10,340 unduplicated adult patients were served through 34,268 health care visits • 961 patients received dental care through 1,417 visits • 593 patients received mental health counseling through 2,136 visits • 907 individuals received family support services through 2,646 visits • 921 children were enrolled in public health insurance • 96% immunization rate for children 2 years of age • 4,227 medication requests were processed for 1,456 patients with a value of $1,824,160 in Average Wholesale Price

Everyone in our community has access to comprehensive and affordable health services resulting in a healthier population and improved quality of life.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Newborn, Infant and Well Child Exams Pediatric Sick Visits Women’s Health and Gynecology Family Planning General Medicine Routine Physical Exams Immunizations for Children and Adults Acute Illness Care Chronic Illness Care Mental Health Counseling Family Support and Case Management Services Prenatal Case Management Dental Care Access to Discounted and Free Medications Health, Nutrition and Parenting Education Enrollment in Health Insurance (Children & Pregnant Women)

Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.
Making a Difference in Our Neighborhoods!

Board Executive Committee
Gene Kendall, Jr., President Charles Konigsberg,