Marketing Strategies For Majestic Seashore Bed And Breakfast

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Advertising Strategy How it aligns Marketing Goals

Advertising Strategy How it aligns Marketing Goals
There are several ways to target strategy for advertising for Majestic Seashore Bed and Breakfast. We must decide on the different multi-media offered and making plans for our purpose and calculating the proper measurements to enhance the business. Organization marketing plans must study their targeted audience when advertising online. The advertising must attract the consumers and be motivating enough to make reservations to Majestic Seashore Bed and Breakfast.
This article by Johnson-Reese says, “Adapting to changes in the marketplace and aligning your company's vision, mission and objectives with those changes is keys to survival in any competitive environment. One of the major changes that had occurred in the last 10 years is consumer behavior. The U.S. Census Bureau notes that American businesses are increasingly competing for the dollar of a much more culturally-diverse consumer segment than ever before.”
“Occurring changes demand that businesses re-evaluate how to position their brands in the marketplace from all aspects. Companies must review the teams who are creating those communications, as well as the communications that are placed in the market, their delivery and their measurements. Recognizing the opportunity that exists in the growth of the multicultural customer base is a critical factor in long-term business success and many companies have created aggressive strategic plans to tap into those markets. In addition, your planning and marketing and sales staffs must be experts in the target market segments and be responsible for collecting the appropriate research to understand the habits and preferences of the targeted consumer.”
“In order to properly penetrate the community groups and appropriately create products and promotions for the target consumer the marketing and sales teams need to be reflective of the customer base that is being targeted. If an outside advertising agency is being utilized, it is imperative that they be culturally sensitive, too. There have been a number of missteps made by companies that attempted to market to African American, Hispanic or gay and lesbian consumers and did not have anyone on their corporate or agency teams who represented these markets to inform and caution the companies about potential errors that would offend the consumer and have a long lasting negative impact on the product image.” (Johnson-Reece)
Motivations for using a specific medium vary (Flanagin & Metzger, 2001). When people have high motivation, they try to find the websites and ads which fulfill their information needs, and they may perform the search repeatedly (Madox, 1998). Finding information will unconsciously increase their motivation to interact with anything that helps them find the information they seek. During their search, they may participate in online discussions on websites. It is expected that these customers with high motivation will increasingly interact with messages and advertisers.
As a result, the online customers’ primary motives redirect the kinds of interactions that they have with a website; and advertiser (Human-human). When customers interact with the message and advertiser, there is an opportunity to process extra information about the organization’s website and product. Most probably, this opportunity evokes a positive assessment of the ad and brand by the customer (Li, 2002). The approach toward the website and ad directly impacts the process toward the brand. Briefly, attitude toward a website directly affects the brand and attitude toward brand affects the customer’s buying intention accordingly (Ko, et al., 2005).
“When it comes to targeted advertising, the strategy should cover multi-media outlets and have realistic objectives and measurements in place. It also is helpful to have an understanding of the different buying habits of minority