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Alternative energy has been around from many years, since the Roman civilization in the 17th century. Alternative energy can reduce climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gases. Alternative energy exists using our natural resources such as the sun, the wind, the earth’s core, and sugar. Many disagree with alternative energy just because they have been raised around the use of fossil fuels. One thing is true which is alternative energy will not take place over night and replace fossil fuels. However, we have seen the apparent signs of over usage of nonrenewable energy sources. One would be natural gas; which has now reached its peak level. This means that, we are at a point that no more gas can get drilled. One reason for the elevated gas prices is the amount we are paying to ship it from different countries due to the United States being able to produce it locally. It’s not only adding to the economic deficit but also leaving behind the effects such as catastrophes that are becoming more repetitive.
Realizing the environment is suffering from the effects of fossil fuels is the first step to achieve the goal of turning nonrenewable energy to renewable energy choices, government is doing its part to help consumers with the ability to obtain alternative energy through special financing and tax credits.
Which are the alternative energy sources?
We can help reduce the effects of climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gases with the use of alternative energy. One example would be the use of photovoltaic cells that use power by the sun such as solar panels. Second example would be the use of wind energy. Third would be geothermal plants and finally would be the use of biomass by recycling products such as sugar and corn. The best thing of alternative energy is renewable because we can use them repeatedly. Installation of solar panels will help reduce the over usage of electricity with a more alternative energy source. Solar energy improves the efficiency of energy, uses renewable power such as the sun to provide electricity to homes and businesses, and prevent the emissions of carbon dioxide. One way is installing the solar panels on rooftops to produce solar power plants. California is the leading energy efficient state, using various forms of alternative energy. They installed nine concentrated solar thermal plants between 1984 and 1991. (Our Choice, Al Gore pg 74) Alternative energy can be a primary source of energy if everyone contributes. An average solar system will cost the average homebuyer $20,000 although with all the governmental tax credit it may be reduce to around $15,000 with the 30% tax credit. To give you an idea on how many solar panels you will need for an average residential home will depend on primarily on your usage. An average usage will be 1000-1200 kWh a month so you will need 32-34 panels measuring 4’5” x 2’2”. Solar experts believe you should have more that needed rather than less.
Solar and energy efficient roofs are used currently on new construction of stadiums due to their energy efficiency. Based on the US Energy Information Administration, the top five states contribute to renewable energy starting with the number one in alternative energy usage: Washington, California, Oregon, New York, and Texas. In Texas, during 2008 there were an estimated 184,994 participating consumers using alternative energy. One of the professional football organizations, the NY Jets has also made their contribution for alternative energy. They have built their training center using over 3,000 solar panels. The Dallas Cowboys’ stadium used vinyl roofing as a more energy efficient. With government placing many regulations on energy conservation, these two National Football League teams are a prime example that change is possible.
Foreign countries are also contributing to the use of solar energy. In Germany, thousands of solar panels are placed alongside the highways.