Alternative Energy: The Wind Energy Essay

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Petroleum Poses Precarious Problems Presently The world’s energy crisis is here and it is a problem that will not go away unless action is taken to correct the damage that has been done. Facts only do justice to the predicament that has been caused by excessively using Earths natural resources. In the years before coal and fossil fuels being used as a primary resource of energy the Earth was in equilibrium and the thought of climate change was nonexistent. The world is responsible for consuming 85.8 million barrels of oil a day or burning 42,000 gallons per second, which is equivalent to seven gallons of gasoline a day for every man woman and child in the U.S. (Energy Information Administration) The selfish use of fossil fuels adds six billion tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every year; Earth is only capable of removing less than half that amount. With 90% of the energy being used coming from fossil fuels it is evident that the energy crisis is in need of reform and alternative sources of renewable and earth-friendly need to be put into affect immediately. (Archer) According to the Internal Energy Agency, the world will invest close to $20 trillion dollars over the next 25 years in alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, and nuclear powers. As the ozone layer deteriorates and glaciers retreat, now is the time to think about the future of Earth.
The many solutions to fossil fuels elimination include solar, wind, geothermal, tidal energy, and biofuels. There are positives and negatives to each alternative, but all negatives greatly surpass the devastating effects fossil fuels have on our home. Funding for alternative energy projects are limited due to the cheaper and traditional ways of obtaining energy. Coal, oil, and natural gas have been used for over a century and it is a reliable and low cost way of supplying energy to the 860,000,000 vehicles on the road today and homes. (Ponce) Converting energy sources means investing in new and expensive technologies, learning new ways of operating machinery, and hiring new employees. What the population and industries need to realize is that alternative energy is an investment in the future and a more efficient way of operation. The solution is there, but the support is not.
Currently solar power is the most commonly recognized and used form of a renewable energy. It can often be seen in everyday electronics such as calculators and flashlights and is often used to heat pools and home furnaces. Solar energy is a promising alternative to solving the fossil fuel dependency. A benefit to solar energy is the cleanliness of the production of energy and its low maintenance and operation costs. (Bradford) It does not use any kind of fossil fuel as it produces energy, and as a result it does not emit any waste. The sun is plentiful and free which makes solar energy an economical alternative once the initial cost of the equipment is paid. Advances in solar technology now make it possible for solar energy to function in most climates, and although sunlight is not constant source energy can be stored and used during the night or cloudy days. Unlike like the production of petroleum or coal, which involves an abundance of noise and air pollution, solar energy eliminates both. The panels which house the cells of solar panels are durable and require little to none upkeep. A significant negative to solar energy is the space required to mount the panels and the constantly developing technology. The panels, which are quite large and heavy, need to be placed in the direction of the sun and occupy land. The technology is considered to not be mature, and needs improvements for it to be a cost effective and competitive form of energy for both commercial and consumer parties. (Leipoldt) Due to the popularity of solar energy it is becoming constantly advancing and affordable alternative energy.
Another well-known alternative energy that ties into solar energy is wind energy. Wind