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EXSC315- Australian
Sports Development:
Assignment 2: Presentation
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Why alternative models of sport delivery

I chose to focus on alternative models of sport delivery as I find it interesting different forms of sport that is out there
Having taken part in canoeing, kayaking, tree tops circuits and rock climbing I find these ‘adventure sports’ a fun way to be active outdoors. High ropes course Ohio
(Ohio combat veterans,

Slalom Canoe event (Holroyed, 2010)

What the issue is

Alternative sports have struggled to be perceived as real sport, many are lacking National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) because of this.
Without having the backing from the government as a NSOs there is a lack of funding to many of the alternative sports that are undertaken daily in Australia.
With alternative sports not being mainstream, governments cannot justify as to why they are allocating money to a sport that isn’t seen a sport by the broader community and many of the sports could be large liabilities for the government, the support isn’t there from the government. 1


How alternative models of sport impacts on sport?

Alternative sports offer a more adrenaline pumping situations than traditional sports which has become attractive to the
Alternative sports when compared to traditional sports are cheaper making it more popular with Gen-Y who are major participants in alternative sports Street Lugers (Mosscrop, 2012)

Government initiatives/policies

With the growth of skateboarding, the government has implemented over 990 skate parks throughout
Australia after banning skateboarding and in some areas BMX riding in the streets
& store fronts.
With many of the ‘alternative’ sports not being mainstream as stated in (reference) ‘it is difficult to justify allocating resources to the area’


The X-Games was created to suit the Y-Generation and their growing rates in participating in extreme sports.
The rise of BMX riding, supercross and skateboarding,
Ron Semiao wanted to be able to connect to the Gen-Y by creating EXPN, ESPN’s extreme sports channel and the annual
After the success of the summer
X-Games the Winter X-Games was added with events such as the boardercross & skicross now being apart of the Winter
Olympics from Sochi 2014 onwards. 

The high risk factor that many of these sports contain are liabilities for the government which has lead to the avoidance of recognising and supporting alternative sports.
Without the government helping many of alternative sports, entrepreneurs are taking many of these sports to a marketable level like the X-Games to help support athletes & participants of these sports.

While the governments still don’t find many of these ‘alternative’ sports as sports the growing rates of participants & success of the
X-Games with the IOC adding these alternative sports into the
Olympic Games, should start suggesting otherwise.

Chad Reed in action at Houston. (Cochran,




Unlike others, skateboarding is a nationally recognised sporting organisation under Skate
Australia as Skateboarding
Unlike many other alternative sports, the levels of government pay for the facilities that skateboarders use because of this there are over 990 skate parks Australia wide.

Skateboarder doing tricks (Pinat,


Alternative sports are up and coming with the younger generation becoming more involved in these extreme and adventure sports having grown up around them
Entrepreneurs are making money off these alternative sports because of the demand created from the X-Games and skateboarders like Tony Hawk

With Australian athletes like
Chad Reed