America Melting Pot Heritage Summary

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The Truth About America and its Melting Pot Heritage
Many Americans still believe that America is the melting pot. Unfortunately this is a lie. America is often considered the melting pot because it is believed that American culture is crafted from the culture of the immigrants it makes up. However, this simply isn’t true. America is not accepting of very many cultures but its own. At first glance America may seem like the melting pot, but after a closer look you’ll find that it is very far from that.
Most people view America as the melting pot because American culture is made up of other cultures however, there are still cultures in America that aren’t fully accepted by the American population. The article “Immigration Must Be Restricted to Reduce Terrorism” by Richard D. Lamm covers the topics of Illegal Immigration and Terrorism in America. Lamm believes that we should reform immigration laws and tighten the border to keep terrorism out. He believes that most of the terrorism happening in America is caused by illegal immigrants. How could America be the melting pot if we don’t add ingredients? I’m not saying we should let
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I think that it’s not for us to decide who is allowed into our country because we ourselves were also immigrants at some point. In the article “America Must Embrace it’s Melting Pot Heritage” written by Julie Quiroz-Martinez and edited by Kelly Barth, the author writes “remember that we were all new immigrants to this country at one time or another in history.”(Martinez) This is a very convincing point because the United States did in fact begin as a country made entirely of European immigrants. This shows that we are no different than immigrants. After all we are all human. This clearly shows that we should embrace our melting pot heritage because it proves that we are equal to immigrants. So why are we allowed in and they aren’t? It’s not like we can choose where we are