Essay on American Civic Values

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Week 1: CheckPoint: American Civic Values
• What about today's society reinforces American civic values?
• What about today's society undermines American civic values?
• How do civic values help make America's political and civil culture better?
• Are there penalties for failing to adhere to civic values? Can you give an example?
A few things about today’s society that reinforces American civic values are our individual freedom rights, how we help our community, serving on the jury, our freedom to vote, paying taxes, obeying and respecting the law and more. The most important is how your community plays a part in particular situations in the neighborhood and we respect others. Many communities such as my own hold community meetings to decide on better ways to help each other. For example, because member of the military deploy throughout the year, our community has come together to set up a support group for spouse in need while military members are away.
A few things about today’s society that undermines American civic values are disobeying and disrespecting the law, failing to vote, failing to commit to community service, abusing freedom rights and more. The most important to me is failing to vote. Many young people are afraid to vote, some feel intimated to vote and some feel like voting is for older people. People like me whom are afraid to vote have not even registered due to lack of knowledge and the importance. Civil values help makes American’s political and…