Bad Habits Of Smoking

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There was a time when I was involved in something was a decent part of me for four years.
The bad habit of smoking that seemed to be something my life was all about. It's something that is a horrible habit to pick up. The time wasted on doing something bad for your health you can never get back. All the time spent on doing something temporary to cope with life could be spent doing something you love to do to cope. If there is anything in your life, where you have to do something to cope something negative, that needs to be changed.
Life is a gift and it needs to be treated like a gift. Life needs to be respected and gave all the love it can be gaven in order to give all of it's love back. Along with all the time spent, money is wasted on such a wasteful thing that is only temporary. There are a lot of better things to spend freedom on than something that only feels as if it sets you free for a short period of time. Smoking is a terrible habit, and it kills the time and money that could be spent on achieving dreams. Escape the bad habit and learn to love life and live dreams.Smoking was a part of me obviously because that's what happens in high school. Of course not everyone does it, but a lot of people suprisingly do. Being that's how
I got into it. I recall maybe being around it a few times, and then eventually trying it for my first time. It makes you feel different that is without a doubt, it makes you feel numb in a way. To me a way that use to be enjoyable, but then I grew to realize I hated feeling numb to the real world feelings.
Being under the influence of something that alters your mind and numbs you to the world is kind of sad if you think about it really. You can't love life enough to do something enjoyable in life or just enjoy it, so you smoke something to escape what you should be excelling in. It's almost a cowardly move if you ask me. It's something I once loved, but now I hate the feeling of losing my true feelings on things in the world.
I have dreams and I have goals in life. Which brings me to the next point of when you are doing this stuff, wasting time on it, and wasting money on it. It makes the journey to achieve dreams a lot less easier to understand and commit to. Instead of investing your time into something that brings you to life on a stable mind, the time is wasted on something that takes you away from the stable mind and makes it seem like a dream.
A temporary dream at the most, a temporary dream that gets taken away when the substance wears off. Why would it be nice to enjoy a temporary dream, that's like having something then having it stripped away from you. With a real dream you can reach the dream and hold the feelings it brings to you forever. There never is a chance to lose those dreams, therefore there never is a reason to not be happy with life. Real life issues are issues that need to be solved and solved clearly. It seems as if it could be a good feeling for the time being, but what about the rest of life's road.
The time spent on messing with a temporary high can be spent on a permanent high. It can be spent on a high that will never fade, a high that will stay as long as you stay. If someone asked me if I wanted to live my dreams or be high the rest of my life, well that question is the easiest question of my life. To some though, that question would be something really to question sadly. When you are given the oppurtunity to connect to something that brings feelings of joy to you through something your mind finds naturally enjoyable, versus something your mind is tricked to find enjoyable, nothing compares to the natural joy. It never fades, the time and money spent on it repays, it doesn't just come and go based on the more you put into it. Once you reach a point in a dream where you have put in