American Films and School Life Essay

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When you grow up, you will have many different lives. However, school life is the best time in human life. During this time, we experience physical development, emotions, friendships, relationships, and especially knowledge but I was beyond those expectations in school life. Sometimes we never really learn from the first mistake or the second or third. It only hits us when were given the last chance. Attending school for a good time not to do work. After every class I had to meet up my coordinator or my teacher for detention after school but I hated to go in the principal’s office. In addition that I had to talk to him about my problems which I had none. Each time I went there he was pissed off as if he had a bad day. It looked like fun for my peers since I was getting caught because of them. They were the real trouble makers and I was the only one whom would be blamed. I am seventeen year old with spiky hair, tattoo, but I was smart enough to do anything in fact I was lazy, mean to the nerds and picked on younger ones a lot however it was down to the last chance, last meeting, talking about what’s going on which I had to write down what I went throw and why Did I do all this?
Mum waking me up from the sweet dreams in the morning. I wake up with angry face because I don’t want to wake up till 1 pm. mum makes breakfast till I change and get ready for school. Mum sends me to school with all of her hope that I study, I become something but she doesn’t know that I attend school for fun and time pass. Before going to class for period ½ the students in the locker area near me have complains already and who if they can handle me till three o clock or till the end of the term or should I say till the end of the year. Waking towards my classroom before I enter I make inappropriate comment on someone just for fun. During class I am listening to music on my iPod while at the same time I am calling out, making inappropriate comments and argue with the teacher and take 15 minutes of her time of teaching and surrounding me students are all angry except my friends. I and four of my friends were the famous trouble makers in that school. Eventually the bell rang and everyone going to recess for a little break. Going towards my locker and throwing book out of people’s hand.
Coming and going to school was my choice, whenever I feel like or wandering around the school during classes I didn’t follow by the rules .during every class I was asleep or being the pain in the ass. Well anyone could tell my future with this kind of behaviour and study. I was lazy not trying hard at studies at school. Some teachers throw advises at