American Me Olmos

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As a director it is difficult to accurately portray real life events that are based on a true story. Edward James Olmos took on that challenge as he starred and directed the gangster movie based on real life events titled American Me. Violent scenes come with the territory when making films about gangs and mobsters, and Olmos spared no expense with American Me. Olmos’ offered a realistic depiction of how the Mexican Mafia originated as well as what it was like for a young Chicano to grow up in Los Angeles during the 1980’s, as well as the 1940’s. What can be difficult about telling the story of gang life is the fact that if you divulge too much information about what really happened, there can be unfortunate repercussions that come with it. Robert Lopez wrote a piece 1996 in the Los …show more content…
When viewing this movie it felt as if this was spot on true events with no mix ups, because this is how life truly is outside of the cameras and tv and productions. When watching this I’d feel these characters were actually gang members whether they were younger or not they portrayed the role excellent. Also making it more truly realistic was knowing how gangs work and go around from personal experiences in my own childhood, it provides a more in depth visual from what I saw growing up through my youth. I can now say that I have a feeling from outside what I already knew this is what was really happening inside their closed doors and projects. This film had somewhat of an impact on myself because I have been involved and have an analysis of how people talk and act with each other and when they have certain people. If this movie was depicted exactly the way the true events happened I believe it would have same amount of interest but not the same amount of impact. I say this because it likely would have have less situations where it made the viewer go “wow” or “oh my