A Brief Note On Religious And Ethnic Groups

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Religious and Ethnic Groups

There are so many different types of religious groups out their along with different types of ethnic groups. I have chosen to write about Catholics and Hispanics. Catholics do a lot of different things from other religious groups. They strongly believe in no sex before marriage. Also that the women should not be allowed to take birth control because if they are having sex than they are having sex to conceive a child. On Sundays their church worship service is called mass. They have a lot of prayer throughout their service unlike Christians pray maybe two or three times. To me Catholics look down on other religions or people that don’t believe the same things as they do. One of my mom’s friends had a hard time letting her daughter around me when I got pregnant at a young age because I was still in school and obviously not married. Like Christians always welcome you with open arms and try not to judge. They more or less try to help you with situations that you are in. The influence of Catholics in American has been here since the very beginning. They tend to influence the social scene, some of the type of movies we watch, also the political scene. By us voting on “catholic principles” we have and can continue to shape our political area of America. By the Catholics being here and showing off their religion and their way of life it has come to influence many of us to do things the way that they do. Any religious group can influence a culture but the Catholics have been in the forefront of shaping the American Culture. In our history there was a deep anti-Catholicism which was inherited from Great Britain which existed in colonial America. Some of the colonies had laws restricting or even banning Catholicism. The only exception to this law was the settling of the colony of Maryland. The young Catholics today aren’t aware of what their ancestors had to go through in order for there to be Catholicism in the world. I have learned a lot of different things while learning and researching about the Catholic religion. It did give me a better understanding of what they had to go through in order to keep their religion around. I always had a hard time with them being so religious about no sex before marriage. Because in today’s society you don’t see that very often. A lot of people get pregnant young and married young. I understand that they believe in marriage before sex or kids because in order to give your kids a good life it is easier to do with two parents than one parent. The Hispanics have such a big ancestry compared to white people. When you go to a family function and the family is Hispanic they are so many people it’s unreal. You have people that you may have never known before but they are somehow related to you. Unlike whites they don’t have that big family together. Their families just aren’t as big. Also the Hispanics talk in Spanish and some also talk English. But a majority of them talk Spanish and it tends to bug a lot of people in America because it is America and this is where you talk English not a language from another country. Also Hispanics get married and have many children not just one or two but more like four or five. It is just in their culture to have big families which isn’t a bad thing its just their way of living. I think that the Hispanics tend to have a lot of trouble with whites. They look at each other very differently because they are indeed very different. Like I mentioned before Hispanics get looked down on for the language that they speak because whites don’t understand it unless it’s something they have studied or have had to learn for their job. To whites it’s that they have come into America so they should learn English because that’s the way of living over here. You moved here so you need to adapt to our lives. You need to speak out language. But whites also have to understand that they are their own person and we can learn different things from