American Promise Essay

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The American Promise Throughout the world, the United States is infamous for its guaranteed freedom to its citizens. People travel from all around many different parts of the world to get a taste of the lifestyle and opportunity the United States citizen’s are offered everyday. This nation thrives on preserving our personal freedoms, property, and liberty; moreover, it is the nation’s promise to its citizens. These rights are binded in our coveted Bill of Rights and the Constitution, a document for the people by the people. Many people can find their own personal definition of what they believe to be the American Promise; however, growing up I have always believed and had been taught that the American Promise was the opportunity to live …show more content…
Notably, this period marked a famous movement in American history when blacks and whites were separated based on their ethnicity and begun the political movements for equality before the law known as the Civil Rights Movement. During this controversial movement, the United State’s leaders were thoroughly tested based on their actions regarding this matter. During this time, President Eisenhower and his administration did not frown upon this segregation and actually promoted it. By the end of his administration in 1960, only 2% of black children attended integrated schools. The fifties gave way to promoting and conveying America’s promise to allow us to live out our dream to our fullest potential; moreover, marked a period of how our nation has evolved and developed throughout the years. Today, ethnicity and race are something to be proud of in this nation and people throughout the entire world are constantly welcomed into this country to learn and live the way that we do. Not only does America believe in giving us the opportunity to thrive in the country but also to many other people throughout the world. Our nation has opened to the idea that we can actually learn other traditions and lifestyles, if not more, from people from other countries. Learning about America’s history, its not hard to see that as a nation we are not perfect. Like all other