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“American Dream: The ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American.”
If one were to search what the American Dream was in a dictionary, the results would be as above. But what does this mean? These two words have had such conviction over immigrants since our nation’s founding; enough conviction for whole families to pack their bags and leave the only life they have ever known behind, for the promise of something bigger, something better. One could infer that all of America’s allure lies in the promise it holds. The promise of freedom, equality, and opportunity.
Well then, what exactly is the American dream? This question conjures the image of white picket fences, green grass, and the picturesque suburban street, lined with blooming flowers in the springtime. But, surely, this cannot be how all people view America; and certainly no every person world-wide yearns for the quintessential 1950’s American lifestyle. The American dream is unique to each individual, every person holds their own American dream in their heart.
So then, the American dream is whatever one desires it to be. For some, the dream is to escape a dictatorial government, others want an ivy league education and a high paying job, and others want their big break in Hollywood. The American dream is whatever is desired. And in its true essence, that is truly what America is. The Land of the free, the country where a little hard work goes a long way. With a little hard work and dedication, an individual who comes from the most extreme poverty can be whomever they desire to be.