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My Experiences in Japan
Ryan Barrett
Japan was a great experience to play soccer in, here`s why. First of all, the Japanese soccer players were really cool, and it was a good experience for them too because they got to work on their English with us. It was very hard to communicate with them because their English wasn`t the best, and so we had a fun time trying to find things like our formation, or positions when we were on the same team. Secondly, we got to experience playing in a very hot and humid climate. I think this helped us because we learned to play better in the not nearly as hot weather. Thirdly, I noticed that the Japanese practice fields were wider than the ones we have here. I think it`s because their playing style. They pass a lot to the wings and play long balls over the top. I didn`t only have experiences on the field I had lots off of the field too. First, the language was a lot different, we had to point to the things that we wanted, and the translated menus that some restaurants had said things like, pizza of the four species of cheese, or noodle of the soup. Second, the transportation was different because we took about 5 or more train/buses and some cabs. My favorite part of the transportation was the bullet trains. It was going over 200 mph! I was really surprised on how smooth it was, you can easily walk between cars on the bullet train. Thirdly, I really liked going on the tours to see shrines and temples. The buildings were beautiful and it was