An Analysis Of Prince Prospero In Masque Of Red Death

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Throughout my many exhausting elementary and high school years, I have encountered countless extraneous individuals. Whether it consists of sitting in the classroom or simply roaming the hallways, these individuals have constantly provoked me into becoming a furious student in disguise. Similar to my depressing situation, Prince Prospero, in the “Masque of Red Death” by Edgar Allan Poe, suffered the most severe repercussion of anger, a miserable death. Although my retaliative actions are not as critical as the prince’s, my actions are still capable of landing myself in a troublesome situation. Since I allow myself to become overwhelmed with rage because of unnecessary schoolwork, I suffer the pessimistic consequences and unhealthy side effects associated with anger. Although most schoolwork is essential towards building a successful and prosperous future, I allow myself to be consumed by anger when given pointless busy work. With sophisticated atrocities and mind warping experiences, it is hard not to become equipped with relentless rage and fury. With so much anger stored inside my hateful heart, I have …show more content…
While Prince Prospero hosts a celebration with hundreds of elegant friends, he notices a mysterious guest in attendance. Enrage by the presence of the unidentified person, the prince unleashes all of his irritation by attacking this unwelcomed visitor. As a result, Prince Prospero inherited a sickening illness, the Red Death. Half an hour later, Prince Prospero passes away from the disease. In the aftermath of the prince’s death, the luxurious ball comes to an end irking the invited guests. The pugnacious behavior of the prince not only ends his own life, but had a lasting effect on everyone in the room. The actions performed by Prince Prospero prove that those who suffer from anger will eventually decline into a worsened