An essay on civil disobedience

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Well thats just like, your opinion, man; an essay on Civil Disobedience

Much like The Dude in regards to Jesus, I believe the basis of our current government is merely an arbitrary cataclysm of opinions. Two select groups of inherent, feuding opinions that, if one is an accepted member of American Society, is forced to pursue. Of course, these organized parties of opinions allow for some individual choice but only to the extent of deciding to be an active member of the democrat or republican party, both umbrella terms which, while they may capture the rudimentary personal ideals an individual may have, are essentially chosen by default and include a plethora of citizens who may fall under either category simply because they agree with a single aspect of it. Beyond this, the democratic and republican party both fall under a larger umbrella of the US Government, a breeding ground for opinions formed by a conglomerate of representatives from a mere two parties, which essentially decide the fate of the broad category of citizens they are enforced upon.

My ideal vision of Government would be one in which it’s governed would be permitted to form their own official party of opinions if they are not in agreement with any of the currently active ones. This would include active members of parties with a functioning amount of members to be active Representatives in congress. I believe this would satisfy a noticeably greater amount of citizens integrities and give more power