An Explanation Of The Story 'The Scarlet Ibis'

Words: 436
Pages: 2

In the story”The scarlet Ibis” some people may argue that third it was story is an unattractive due to the harsh treatments, but this story has attractive qualities which can make readers think.
Pride can help people achieve goals. Page 172 “ I can’t walk, brother he said, who says so? I demanded. Mama the doctor - everybody, oh you can walk I said,and i took him by the arms and stood him up.”
Doodles brother was embarrassed because he had a 5 year old brother that couldn’t walk so he decided to teach him how. Doodles brother showed practice on helping his brother to walk because no matter how hard it was or how long it took,he was going to teach doodle how to walk. Pride can inspire a person. “Finally one day, day after many weets of practicing,he