An Updated Synthesis Of Climate Change

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In the 21st century, there is expected to be a significant increase of greenhouse gases produced in our atmosphere. As a result of these greenhouse gases, not only will global mean temperatures rise, but the oceanic temperature will rise along with it. The research journal, An Updated Synthesis of the Observed and Projected Impacts on Climate Change on Chemical, Physical and Biological process in oceans, offers a detailed analysis of what this impact on the ocean will be. Phenomena such as de-oxidation and temperature rise are thoroughly analyzed to create a clear image on what the effects of climate change actually are. The superimposition of these impacts is totally catastrophic, and the effects may even accumulate to an uncontrolled level. …show more content…
The definition of climate change is done over a long period due to the significance of the defined climatic changes. Climate change tries to identify the significant changes in the values of the meteorological data collected over a region in the stipulated period (Maunder 39). The collected data aims at providing a clear indication in the actual direction of this change.
As stated above, these changes have a vital effect on the ecosystems. Association of the effects of climate change on the ecology is vital to the survival of human life and the ecosystem. These extreme changes actually make the marine ecosystem totally vulnerable. The effect of climate change on marine life has always been a subject of discussion in many forums organised by marine scientists. Research indicates that the steady increase in the levels of concentration of greenhouse gases directly leads to an increase in the ocean water temperature.
The level of concern about the effect of climate change keeps growing with time. Researchers on the subject have concluded that the challenge of predicting the climate change impacts must be researched on and solved. Solving this dilemma will ensure the management of the rapid changes in our marine
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Further research should be funded to help determine the extent of the effect of climate change on the aquatic life. The development of measures that can be applied to help control the effects of climate change on marine life should be prioritized. Methodologies on how to project the trophodynamics, behavior, and psychology of the different aquatic species should be developed. The methodologies will provide a perfect platform for analysis and a review of possible implications that may be caused by the effects of climate change on marine life. Resolving the ecological challenges surrounding marine life should be prioritized. If no measures are taken, implications due to climate change may become difficult to contain if not well