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Analyse the text and comment on visual codes, technical codes, language and mode of address, target audience and representation.

The test is a film called children of men it is set in the year 2027 and revolves around the issue that everyone is infertile and no children are being born and illegal immigrants being a problem. It starts with the killing of the youngest person on earth and we see what else if wrong with this world.
The visual codes we see in this text are limited they consist of typography of the opening credits while a new report is playing from a tv we see afterwards. Also the colours we see are dark the clothing which links to the feelings of depression people have because of the current sitiations in the world it’s a dystopia a bad future.
Through technical codes we see different camera shots and angles being used. We mainly see mid shots, long shots of scenery and events like the bomb going off and close up on people expressions. We see at the beginning when we first see the main character walk into a coffee shop the camera is on the tv screen first then quickly moves to him and follows him out, it moves like a person would making u feel like u are there too. It also turns quickly when the explosion happens creating tension as it moves towards the explosion site something you don’t want to go near. At the same time it plays a high pitch non diegetic noise creating a tense atmosphere and it’s also the noise of ringing in the ear people would hear after an explosion so it again puts you in the movie. The lighting is mainly low key, dark and gloomy in the city showing civilisation is depressed and it connotes death and sadness which it supported when the bomb goes off showing people live in fear. The lighting is brighter when they enter the countryside but this glimpse of happiness is darkened by the sight of dead cows being burned in the fields. Through mise-en-scene we see evidence supporting this is a dystopia in the city it’s the future but it’s very run down, dirty, dark and there’s lots of smoke not what people would picture the future like. Even cars are the character jasper has a black and yellow (ironically jasper means wasp)car which is very old and run down.
The target audience of this film would be men ages 20-30 as it is the genre SI-FI which is stereotypically a man’s genre some women would watch but the majority would be men.
In the movie we see the representation of men mainly the main character, he is a white English man in 2027 living in London. At the begging in the coffee shop he is represented as he doesn’t care all the people ae watching the news and concerned about the murder but he only looks a bit gets his coffee then leaves. After we see him pouring alcohol into the coffee showing he has issues of his own. We later see him at work (the ministry of energy) where he pretends to be sad by the death of the youngest person but he uses that as an excuse to leave showing no empathy. He then meets his friend jasper and they talk…