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Throughout the quarter, each of you will choose an issue in social psychology to research. This project will provide you an opportunity to practice research skills which are important for your professional careers. The resulting data evaluation skills will serve to improve your ability to make decisions.
Topic areas for Social Psychology include:
Group Process
Prejudice and Discrimination

You will write a white paper and prepare to share your research findings with the class. A white paper differs from the research papers of your writing courses because of its structure and methodology. White papers are used in industry as authoritative reports or as guides to solving problems.
Your WHITE PAPER will: be approximately 3 – 5 pages in length be submitted to your instructor in draft form in Unit 9 and final form in Unit 11 assist you in your class presentation in Unit 10 or Unit 11

Assignment due dates:
Unit 2 Graded PROJECT Part 1: Project Plan (Due Unit 4)
Unit 4 Graded PROJECT Part 2: Literature Review (Due Unit 8)
Unit 8 Graded PROJECT Part 3: White Paper Draft (Due Unit 9)
Unit 10 Graded PROJECT Part 4: FINAL White Paper (Due Unit 11)
Unit 11 Graded PROJECT Part 5: Student project presentation (Due Unit 10 & 11)

Unit 2 Project Part 1: Project Plan

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Assignment Requirements
Your final project will be a white paper about a social psychology topic that could then be related to your current field of study. You can choose another topic with instructor approval.
This first project assignment will help direct your work.
Choose a general topic from social psychology, then an issue within that umbrella topic that is related to your field of study. Topic areas for Social Psychology include the following (review your student syllabus for weekly topics):
Group Process
Prejudice and Discrimination

For example, under a general topic of Group Process or Gender, one might research the issue of equitable compensation among project team members in the technical field.

Construct a working plan of research which includes general statements about:

1. Types of source material and a plan to locate them
a. Policy statements, editorials, speeches, Op-ed pieces, Research Think Tank statements, Policy Analyses, Corporate Brochures, White Papers, etc.
b. ITT Tech Virtual Library, interviews, librarian, experts, periodicals, etc.
2. A timeline given the assignment dates for accomplishing tasks.
3. Some plan of locating and analyzing different perspectives (based on review of literature)
4. A working hypothesis, research question, or claim.

Required Resources
ITT Tech Virtual Library

Submission Requirements
Your completed document should be approximately 1 - 2 pages in length.
Font: Times New Roman 12 point
Line Spacing: Double
Your Project Plan is due in Unit 4.

Assignment Evaluation-Check It First
Did you construct a working claim in the form of a statement?
Did you construct an outline which addresses the items listed above?

Unit 4 Project Part 2: Literature Review

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Assignment Requirements
A literature review is just that: reading others’ conclusions on an issue. It is a process by which you discover information, different sources, and the controversies regarding a chosen issue as well as to gather evidence to support a hypothesis or claim.

Conduct a literature review by evaluating at least 5 sources. Examples of sources include but are not limited to:

Interviews, podcasts, policy statements, editorials, speeches, op-ed pieces, research think tank statements, policy analyses, corporate brochures, white papers, journal articles, reports, monographs or government studies, or investigative news articles that address your issue from different points of view.