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The song “Changes” by Tupac is mainly about African-American injustices. Within the song, he gives us a look inside the life of a African-American during that time. He touches basses with the racial-profiling, the poverty, and the racism that usually comes with describing an African-American . In the song, he starts off saying “I see no change”, which says that since the civil rights movement in the 1950’s and 60’s, there has been little or no improvement as to how they are treated. He seems to be expressing the idea that if changes are made, then the poverty and racism that they face will cease. To him, the Civil Rights movements were supposed to end the unfair treatments toward the African-American population, but years after, the discrimination goes on. He uses social issues that eventually link together. For example, he says “I’m tired of bein’ poor, and even worse I'm black.” HE is using that to explain that it is bad enough that there is poverty, but if you're black, then it seems to be worse for you. Overall this song has many valuable life lessons, not just to African-Americans, but to the general population as well. THis teaches me that just because we attempted to stop something, it doesn't mean that it has stopped. we are constantly changing rules and laws to vary along with the changing society around us. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” I hold this quote dear to me, because it is explaining that there are always going to be challenges in your life, but it’s those challenges that are to help you become who you want to become. This year was challenging, yet it helped me realize that I was stronger than I thought. The mistakes I made helped me grow as a person and realize that there is more to life than just a social life. In just my sophomore year, I realized that I was going to have to work twice as hard. Being a shy, quiet girl in drama, I was scared. I didn’t talk very well in from of classes or a big crowed of people. However, as the year went on and as I performed over and over and over again, I started to become less self cautious of myself. We performed everything from Greek tragedies to pantomime to improv. However, as the time in drama passed, so did the time for group projects. At the beginning all we did were group projects, but then the groups started to get smaller and smaller until the performance only consisted of two people. Throughout the year, Mr. Marting was always talking about this ‘Drama Showcase’. I always put the thought of it off until a few weeks ago. Around mid March, he said that we needed to start talking about what we were going to do for the showcase. Then it hit me that he was serious and that I wasn’t ready for a big show like that yet. As the weeks passed the showcase got closer and closer, until it was May 19 and the rehearsals had officially started. A week later our show was out on. Being as honest I could possibly can, it was understatement to say that I was scared. I was petrified knowing that I was going to be performing in front of about a hundred people. As the show went on, it was finally time for me to go on. I performed what I had to and after the applause, I walked off, looked to my friends and said. “That was the best thing that I have ever done in my life.” Let me just say that chemistry is not like biology. Unlike bio, chemistry is the creation of substances. Some may say that chemistry is one of the hardest classes that they had to have ever taken. However, I think that chemistry is one of the easiest classes that I have ever taken. In a class like that, you have to pay very close attention to what is being told or instructed because one mistake can mess up everything. One of the easiest chapters that I learned, was that involving moles and dimensional analysis. In chemistry, you are very hands-on. In the labs that we do, we use substances that are not harmful and some that can