Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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The Author and His/Her Times: Ray Bradbury was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. Growing up during the Depression Era significantly influenced Bradbury's character as the era substantially altered his educational destiny. Bradbury's highest educational degree was a high school diploma since his family could not afford to send him to college. In substitute for college, Bradbury gained a majority of his knowledge from surrounding public libraries. Since predominantly all of Bradbury's time was spent at the library, he developed a strong appreciation for literature. However, it was not until 1943, that Bradbury became an active writer. This year started a series of canonical pieces for Bradbury such as The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and Fahrenheit 451.His writing was later commemorated in 2004 when he won the Pulitzer award for Literature. Bradbury died at the age of 91 in Los Angeles on June 5th, 2012. Posthumously, Bradbury's works continue to be taught in high schools globally. …show more content…
The sections range from approximately forty to sixty pages long thus composing the one hundred and sixty-five paged novel. The time span of the novel is roughly a week. The events that unfold in the novel do so in chronological order. Bradbury utilizes foreshadowing techniques to generate a suspenseful tone. Foreshadowing can be seen in The Hearth and the Salamander when the Hound expresses disdain for the main character Guy Montag, who the Hound later attempts to kill in Burning