Analysis Of What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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For our final week forum, I choose Jackson, who is the main character in the short story “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” by Sherman Alexie. Jackson is described as a penniless Indian residing in the city of Seattle, Washington. Reading the story, I would describe Jackson solely as “Friendship”. Throughout this short story there are parts where Jackson does a kind gesture and lends a hand and pays for complete strangers, in which he buys everyone a drink at the bar. "Five beverages for everybody!"(Alexie 285). Jackson is unable to control the temptation of alcohol, though he is sweetest person you may want to know. He was given thirty dollars by a cop who sees how honest he is by indicating "I'm offering it to you since I put stock in what you accept. I'm trusting, and I don't know why I'm trusting it, yet I trust you can transform thirty bucks into a thousand by one means or another" (Alexie 289). By accepting the thirty dollars, Jackson turns around buys breakfast for other penniless Indians leaving him with only five dollars. …show more content…
Understanding his perspective because of where I was raised, there were many people who were without. Passing them on the way to school, stepping over beer cans and liquor bottles and wondering what happened in their life to get them in that situation.
The main issue in Jackson life is alcohol and the unwillingness to stay on target. Within this story his main goal was to obtain $999 dollars in 24 hours, not being able to achieve that but was able to locate his grandmothers formal attire. Jackson took on this matter both unsuccessful and considering he was unable to fulfill his goal lastly because of his big-heartedness he retrieved his grandma's formal attire